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im planning on getting mine and since i have my mono nf im going with the ebene..so my vote is ebene!


Stunning bag!! Congrats on your HG!!!

Congrats.They don't really give you a box unless you ask. SA says that it recommended the you store in dustcover and not the box.

Beautiful collection. The RF really complements the darker bags! congrats!


No, definitely not. Save up and get one that is right for you!

,Congratulations on your new additions. Love your Artsy! ,

My vote is for the speedy and NF. Both are very functional and you have two styles with two different prints, which i think you might find more useful.

Hi! Can you post pictures of your Wilshire MM, Especially of the buttom. thank you in advance!!! rolex purchase
,I saw the new Alma PM Vernis in blanc corail and it's gorgeous! I'm a bit concern with color transfer since it's my first bag in vernis. Should I go for it? rolex price list,

cute pics


Very cute, congrats!


speedy B is the only one i like in 25!! it's perfect!




It's adorable!


Wow what a great choice! If you take good care of it you may even be using it for work next time.

,I love pink too but I think the orange will go with more things. I ended up getting the orange Graffiti charm over the pink. You can always get a pink graffiti zcp for contrast ,

Yes, unfortunately many people begged LV to have a line with silver hardware, and they chose Epi to have silver. I think this happened early 2000's. I have a few authentic epi pieces with brass hardware. For more information about the epi line please go to fashionphile.com and under LV Guides select epi. louis vuitton luggage


Congrats!! louis vuitton outlet

,Show us!!! louis vuitton replica,

Strap is adjustable, but not long....cannot be a sling or crossbody.

, actually purchased my grafitti speedy and then times were really hard and I had to sell her. I told myself as soon as things got better, I would repurchase. A few years later I found a preloved one on ebay. I wore this speedy (silver) into the LV store last summer and the SA's were drooling, most had never even seen the original grafitti collection. I like it better just beau louis vuitton bags,
i have my bluetooth headset and my purse hook in a pochette cles which i then clip on the the d-ring. that way i don't have to fish for my headset. :) LV

ok, i'm going to be the oddball here. i actually use my bolt key ring for the intended function - a key ring. :) lv bag


It looks good on you - congrats! louis vuitton shop

,I'm a zipper, but I'm also a believer that if someone wanted my stuff bad enough, they'd just grab the whole darn thing, so it wouldn't matter if it's zipped or not.Zipping it shut is just an OCD thing with me. louis vuitton luggage.
Francesca Battistelli

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Francesca Battistelli
Take a close listen to If We’re Honest—the stunning, soulful and openhearted third album by Christian music superstar Francesca Battistelli, a GRAMMY® Award nominee and six time Dove Award winner—and you will hear that her latest song cy... [more...]
What do you think about the new song by Shawn McDonald?

  I love it!  

  I like it  

  It's okay  

  I don't like it  
Click Here To Listen To Shawn McDonald:
Hope Is Right Here
August 30, 2014

Four-time GRAMMY® nominees and current chart-toppers Newsboys announce their fall We Believe Tour, where they'll be joined... [more...]

Smalltown Poets Launch PledgeMusic Campaign To Pre-Order New Christmas Album
August 30, 2014

Pop rock band Smalltown Poets recently took to the studio to record their second Christmas album, set to release sometime ... [more...]

Plumb Gives Away Free Excerpt From New Book, NEED YOU NOW
August 30, 2014

Right now, you can get a free preview of Plumb's new book, NEED YOU NOW - A Story of Hope, as the featured download on Noi... [more...]

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For the week of: 08/30/14
1. Fix My Eyes: For King and Country
2. Wake: Young and Free
3. Let It Be Love: Family Force 5
4. More of You: Colton Dixon
5. A Million Miles Away: Hawk Nelson
6. Today Is Beautiful: David Dunn
7. Start A Fire: Unspoken
8. Multiplied: Needtobreathe
9. What I Believe: Skillet
10. Do Life Big: Jamie Grace
11. Lay It Down: Sanctus Real
12. Disconnected: Veridia
13. When We Come Alive: Switchfoot
14. You Carry Me: Moriah Peters
15. He Knows My Name: Francesca Battistelli
16. Greater: MercyMe
17. No Man Is An Island: Tenth Avenue North
18. You Make Me Brave: Bethel Music
19. Hope In Front Of Me: Danny Gokey
20. Making Me New: Royal Tailor
21. The One Im Running To: 7eventh Time Down
22. I Found You: Anthony Evans